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After having started with the greenfield investment in 1999, in 2009 JSC Straikas has headed to the direction of agricultural project development. The primary activity in this field was the export of Lithuanian agricultural products, search for new markets and marketing for the producers of agricultural goods. The cooperation with foreign markets was constantly growing together with consumer needs for naturally healthy products, especially those labeled with the EU organic product logo. The latter was one of the main reasons why the company decided to create a Lithuanian juice line with high value-added. To transform this idea to reality, in 2013 JSC Straikas purchased a manufacturing unit of 3000 m2 located in Didieji Bausiai village, Salcininkai district, which was reconstructed and adapted to meet international production needs.
UAB “Straikas” is one of the largest and most advanced producers of natural birch sap in Europe.
We have revived the traditions of birch sap, with a new taste and demand for consumption – the volume of sap production is growing every year, occupying the majority of the factory’s activity.
The annual capacity for collecting and processing birch sap is 3,000,000 L.
UAB “Straikas” currently exports to more than 20 markets: Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Ukraine, South Korea, Oman, China, Israel, Slovenia, Georgia, Japan, Cyprus.



2024 05 08

2023 Product of the Year Winner

During the general assembly of the Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, the exclusive SIP SAP organic birch juice with cranberries, ginger and propolis was announced as the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2023!


2024 03 01 

Birch sap season is already starting



2023 07 11

July 11 A tasting of Lithuanian food and drinks was held at the event held in the Palace of Lords, attended by about 500 invited guests. During it, the guests tasted black bread baked by “Biržų duonas”, “Dzūkijas” shakotis, “Džugos” cheese, “Straiko” SIP SAP birch juice, bitters and liqueurs from Pakruojs manor distillery and brewery, “Švyturys-Utenos alaus” beer, ” ACALA group” kombuchas.
Gift baskets for journalists also include Sip Sap birch sap.

In foreign markets, Lithuania is known for its exceptional and sustainably produced food products, and we tried to show that at the events held during the NATO summit – we present not only confectionery products that nurture deep Lithuanian traditions or organic birch sap, which is already common to us, but which is still a discovery for foreign guests.

2023 07 11-12

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania and LitFOOD would like to thank SIP SAP for their outstanding contribution to the successful presentation of the Lithuanian food and beverage sector during the NATO summit in Vilnius.

More information: LRytasVerslo žiniosTV3.lt


2021 11 17-18

SIP SAP Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia  – Best New Drink Product!

More info:  Eco Life Scandinavia and the Nordic Organic Food Fair 2021 makes successful return after two-year break – Eco Life Scandinavia (ecolifeshow.com)


2022 04 01

Straikas on export markets and experience at Enterprise Europe Network business contacts


2021 10 28

Export development of UAB Straikas in the global market


2021 10 01 

A business mission to Greece took place: Lithuanian-Greek business forum and B2B contact event

Read the full article: Įvyko verslo misija į Graikiją: Lietuvos – Graikijos verslo forumas ir B2B kontaktų renginys (cci.lt)


2021 10 01

Innovation and opportunities in cooperation with reliable partners


2021 05 31

We are the first in Lithuania who installed a Gualapack filling machine in pouch pack



2019 07 19

UAB Straikas has implemented ISO 22000:2018 standards



2018 07 26

UAB Straikas inside factory – few moments