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2021 05 31 

The project is funded by the LAAIF program.



Implementation of technological eco-innovations in UAB Straikas

The aim of the project is to introduce technological eco - innovation to contribute to the negative effects of climate change and reducing the effects of the greenhouse effect. For this purpose, technological years will be purchased during the project year eco-innovation equipment, which will reduce the consumption of raw materials in the company, save energy resources, waste generated during the production process is used for the production of a new product.

Measure - Eco innovations LT +, fund - European Regional Development Fund.
The legal entity responsible for the project implementation is UAB Straikas director Gintaras Didžiokas.
Term: 2021 m.


Implementation of e.commerce model in UAB STRAIKAS 

In order to recover from the pandemic and increase turnover and competitiveness, UAB Straikas is implementing an EU-funded project. Funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
During the project, the institution plans to implement e-commerce model solutions - a customer self-service system will be created to help purchase the goods offered by the company.
The project will simplify and facilitate the purchase of goods produced by the company, which will increase sales volumes and revenue, thus reducing the impact of Covid-19 on the company's operations.
The total value of the project is EUR 15,250.00, of which the European Regional Development Fund funds EUR 11,437.50.
Project implementation period: 2022 February - February 2023



Successfully implemented project:

"Industrial wastewater treatment" to increase environmental efficiency.