Investor information

JSC Straikas constantly keeps up with both the latest news of the worldwide food manufacturing sector and trends in healthy food production. While visiting and participating at various food and beverage exhibitions around the world (BIOFACH in Germany, SIAL in France, Anuga FoodTec in Germany, IFE in London, as well as many more exhibitions in Poland, Latvia or even China, Japan), the company is not only creating trusting and long-lasting relationships with international suppliers, distributors and other market players, but also has the chance to be the first to know how consumer needs change and how adapting production technology to these could decrease the manufacturing costs in the future. JSC Straikas makes sure to keep up with the market needs on a timely manner and react to the upcoming consumer trends, which is why investing in new production facilities, innovative packaging solutions, creation of new unexpected flavours and perfecting the quality control processes remains a high priority for the company.

The owners of JSC Straikas are citizens of the Republic of Lithuania.

The number of stockholders – 3, the registered capital of the company – 4 312 003 €.